Main research focus „Functional Printing“

On this page you can find informations about the Workgroup Functional Printing.

Main research focus „Functional Printing“

Increasingly, the profile of the modern, industrial printing technology turns to be an innovative manufacturing process for various applications and industries. While increasingly efficient and cost-effective large area printing processes and machines were mainly made available for graphical applications so far, completely new requirements are the focus of attention nowadays:

  • Surface structuring and converting.
  • Processing of an increasing range of materials and fluids.
  • Low-cost production of printed products with optical, electrical or mechanical special function.
  • Integration of coating and vacuum deposition processes in the printing process.
  • Integration of large area printing processes to other industrial processes: forming, coating, bonding.

In addition to the development of modern large area printing processes – gravure printing, flexographic printing, offset printing, screen printing – and digital printing, the characterisation of substrates and materials to be printed as well as the exploration of the fundamentals of a specific measuring and testing technology are the focus of the interdisciplinary research work. Therefore, apart from the skills in the traditional printing mechanical engineering, we maintain, in numerous research projects, the cooperation with disciplines such as chemistry, surface physics, electronics, fluid dynamics and thermodynamics.

Printed electronics projects are a major part of our research. Here, the aim is to explore the possibilities of printing technology in relation to the production of organic field-effect transistors (OFET), organic light-emitting diodes (OLED), displays, solar cells, sensors, actuators and electronic circuits consisting of such actuators.

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