Tobias Hartwig, M.Sc.

Tobias Hartwig, M.Sc.

Scientific Staff

Research Group:

Functional Printing, InnovationLab

Office Hours in InnovationLab:

Tuesday – Friday

Second Address:

On Mondays: Institute of Printing Science and Technology


The research I am doing focuses on the field of functional printing. Here I am concerned with optimization and development of new concepts for printing forms in order to produce extraordinary small structures (< 50 µm) und conductor lines which are capable of being used for printing source drain structures of organic field effect transistors (OFETs). For this purpose, gravure, flexo and offset printing are used since they allow for a high reproducibility as well as outstanding register accuracy. Furthermore, I am seeking for strategies to upscale these new concepts to industrial-suited processes which would enable a cost-efficient and rapid mass production of printed electronics. As a matter of course, also the development and characterization of optimal functional printing inks is an essential part of my studies.