Jan Masajew, M.Eng.

Printing Engineer

Research Group:

automation and measurement technique

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday

Contact For:

  • Design and execution of printing tests


The precompetitive project „Grenzen der Überdruckbarkeit“ is an AiF/IGF-funded project which provides first scientific innovations in the process of multilayer-printing. The intention of the project’s initiation was to integrate printed labels, f.e. RFID labels, into an available product layout, without the production of optical artefacts.

Because of the widespread research targets, a wide range of industrial partners are involved into this project. Some of these partners are established ink producers, printing plate manufacturers, suppliers for different printing components, mechanical engineering companies and printing companies.

My research shall clarify in which quality and how many different layers with different thicknesses can be overprinted. To do so we mixed up substrates of different material classes to create substrates with different heights and roughness values. We use screen printing, offset printing, flexography and digital printing methods. One main target is to figure out the limit of possibilities.

Other project contents are comprehensive metrological analyses and visual analyses with mold validations. The collected measured data shall lead to a mathematical model, which gives one a process guide for multilayer printing. The guideline shall also give predictions about the limits and influences.