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Analysis of influencing factors and their interactions on the behaviour of the sheets in the delivery of a sheet-fed offset printing machine and derivation of procedural requirements

In sheet-fed printing machines, given the present state of the art, the printed sheets are removed from the impression cylinder after the printing process and fed to the stacking via a conveying route by means of various tools. In this case, the handling of a two-sided and still undried sheet poses a special challenge, since any contacts in the printed area of the sheet would damage the print motif. If there is contact, the sheet would be unusable.

Focus of the work is theoretical and experimental penetration of procedural processes of this funding process and providing a “toolbox” which, after selecting procedural conditions such as

  • conveying velocity
  • gripper system (form of the gripper carriage, inflow cross section, …)
  • sheet guiding (shape of the sheet guide plates, type, pattern of the air vent …)
  • drying (active principle, air flow…)
  • hot-air exhaust
  • cooling
  • powder application (amount, distribution, …)
  • powder extraction
  • etc.,

will make their impact on the delivery process qualitatively and quantitatively determinable.