Christina Bodenstein, M.Eng.

Scientific Staff / Printing Engineer

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday

Contact For:

  • Design and execution of printing tests
  • BMBF-Project ELSE


Within the scope of the BMBF funded project ELSE (ELectroluminescene in capacitive SEnsors) my research target is to investigate the realization of printing electroluminescence devices by using an indirect gravure printing method (pad printing technology).

Electroluminescence is a technology that leads to devices in which a luminescent material emits light while being embedded in between two electrodes and a power supply. By means of printing technology and a printed multilayer design the light source can be structured and reproducible realized.

Instead of other printing technologies the use of the pad printing technology offers an important benefit. Because of its flexible subcarrier (silicon pad), that can adapt to all kinds of three-dimensional shapes, it is possible to print on a particular high variety of shapes and surfaces (three dimensional, cavities, etc.).

Printing electroluminescence using pad printing opens up a new scientific and barely investigated area. Due to the variable used materials, new manufacturing technology must become integrated. In this project the pad printing technology shall be examined in detail, improve the understanding of the technology and thus take the development forward. First, it will be printed on flat substrates to transfer the gained results and findings in a further step to curved surfaces.

The formulation and printing of functional fluids requires precise knowledge about the variety of printing parameters, their influences on the printed image as well as their systematically investigation. Using pad printing technology in the area of printed electronics is a new approach in functional printing.

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