Dipl.-Phys. Simon Weißenseel

Scientific Staff

Research Group:

automation and measurement technique

Functional Printing

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday

Contact for:

  • Bilateral Research Project with Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG
  • Library of the institute of printing science and technology
  • Printing of inorganic electroluminescent devices

Printed Electroluminescent Panels

In the project of “Printed Electroluminescent Panels” printable components are developed that make use of light emission by electroluminescence.

This effect is due to the excitation of electrons by an alternating electric field. In the subsequent transition to the original state the excess energy is emitted via a photon.

The structure of an elecroluminescent panel is similar to a capacitor where the luminescent material is stacked between electrode, isolator and encapsulation layers. Concerning the layer thicknesses of a few micrometers screen printing is the most suited manufacturing method for these devices.

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)

Microelectromechanical systems are aimed at the desire to develop devices like pumps or other actors on the microscale.

Various applications from biomechanics to optics use MEMS to manipulate movements or even fluids in orders of micrometers or nanoliters. Conventionally these parts are manufactured by complex and costly means like photolithography and vacuum deposition.

Our aim is to establish a production process that is at least partially based on printing technology. For instance screen or pad printing but also stamping techniques are promising candidates for this intention.


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