Grenzen der Überdruckbarkeit

Project “Grenzen der Überdruckbarkeit”

As part of the government-funded AIF/IGF project “Grenzen der Überdruckbarkeit” (Limitations of multi-layer-printing – project for SME), machine experiments have been planned, performed and evaluated. The project’s focus is to integrate printed labels into an already existing product layout. To perform this integration procedure, it is absolutely necessary to make multi-layer-printing reproducible for a wide range of different step heights, which is not possible to date. The project’s target is to determine the potential quality of multi-layer-printing for different substrate roughnesses and step heights. The investigation covers a wide range of various measurement parameters (i.e. printing techniques, material classes, colors). Also, analytical evaluation and visual validation of printed samples are part of the project to describe the process of multi-layer-printing and to make future applications and further experiments possible. All of the measured data will enable the development of a mathematical model that can lead the future user to implement this process. Limitations and influencing factors shall become clear. Because of the wide range of tasks, different industrial partners are involved in this project, as for example printing form manufacturers, suppliers for printing components and well known applicators. Also machine manufacturers are involved in this multidisciplinary project.

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