Centre for Adaptronics

“LOEWE Centre AdRIA” is a project of the Hessian research development programe. For the time being, the AdRIA centre is supported by the national campaign LOEWE with a two-digit million amount until mid-2011. At the same time, the state of Hesse, the federal government and the Fraunhofer organisation support that centre with another € 11.5 million for building measures and basic equipment. Using the means, an internationally leading research centre for adaptronics should be grounded at the scientific centre of Darmstadt under the leadership of the Fraunhofer Institute for Operational Stability and System Reliability (German: LBF). For the medium term, the centre, headed by Prof. Holger Hanselka from Fraunhofer LBF, will form the basis for

  • a new Fraunhofer Institute for Adaptronics
  • adaptronics being a main research field at the Technical University of Darmstadt
  • a supplementary research and training focus “Functional lightweight” at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt.

As a priority, three key projects are defined in the LOEWE Centre AdRIA. These are:

  • Adaptive car
  • Quite Office
  • Adaptive mass damper

In the construction phase of the centre, the focus is on the basic research areas of technology, whereas the application-oriented pilot projects stand in the foreground in the operating phase. In the areas of technology, innovative issues of strategic importance for adaptronics are so far advanced that their respective technologies are maturing at the same high level and the market potential can thus be demonstrated in pilot projects. In the long term, this work will establish adaptronics as a key technology in product development for mass markets and will strengthen the sustainable development of Darmstadt as a place for adaptronics.

Within the whole ADRIA project, two technology areas, the subareas “ production” and “actuators and sensors”, are assigned to the Institute of Printing Science and Technology (German: IDD). As part of the subarea “production”, which has an important role for product development, IDD deals with the production of printed electronics on automotive sheet metal parts and, concretely, with the low-cost production of printed conductors or sensors on sheet surfaces. IDD takes over a similar assignment in the subarea “sensors and actuators”, which generally deals with the economical production of application-oriented sensors and actuators. The aim is to develop new innovative solutions in the field of printed electronics and to allow a customized series development.

LOEWE – (German: National campaign for the Development of Scientific and Economic Excellence)

AdRIA – (Adaptronic Research Innovation Application)

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