Project “ELSE”

The target of the BMBF funded Project ELSE (ELectroluminescene in capacitive SEnsors) is to investigate and create a capacitive induced optoelectronic component for symbol detection and control with high efficiency and low waste generation.

The use of the indirect gravure printing technology (pad printing)instead of other printing technologies offers an important benefit. By its flexible subcarrier (silicon pad), that can adapt to all kinds of shapes, it is possible to print on a particular high variety of shapes and surfaces (three dimensional, cavities, etc.).

Printing electroluminescence using indirect gravure printing opens up a new and scientific not investigated area. Due to the different materials to be used, new manufacturing technology is entered here. In this project the pad printing technology will be examined in detail, understood and thus taking the development forward. First, it will be printed on flat substrates to transfer the gained results and findings in a further step to curved surfaces.

The formulation and printing of functional fluids requires precise knowledge about the parameters to be varied, their influence on the printed image as well as their systematically investigation. It is the first time for the pad printing technology to be used in this area of printed electronics.

The institute of printing science and technology is doing research on this innovative concept for a capacitive sensor button with illuminated symbolism since the beginning of 2015 in cooperation with the composite partners Franz Binder GmbH. & Co electrical components KG, Captron Electronic GmbH., the institute of integrated electronic systems IES at TU Darmstadt and with EvoBus GmbH, one of the leading bus producers in Germany.

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