Climatised Laboratory

Climate conditions inside the IDD climatised laboratory are conform to the highest accuracy class 0,5 of DIN 50014. This DIN defines standard clima conditions. According to that inside the lab ±0,5° C alternation of temperature and ±1,5% alternation of relative humidity is allowed. Target values for temperature and humidity are 23° C and 50% as DIN EN 20187 defines it for measurements on paper, cardboard, paperboard and other cellulose.

The climatised lab works like a clean room with a laminar air flow. Here climatised and filtered air is lead from the ceiling to the floor before it is conditioned again. Contamination of air with particles is reduced significant through this.

Furthermore there is an exhaust air system for transporting vapours directly outside. In doing so the air is lead through a Lossney cross-flow heat exchanger for preconditioning the fresh air to save energy. Both climate control units are fed with this preconditioned air so only minimal climate alternation from status „exhaust air on“ to „exhaust air off“ occur. Additionally to the fixed pipes there is a free to move exhaust arm installed on the ceiling.

The filter concept has three levels. A coarse filter for the air are the hexagonal vents in the floor. Directly in front of the climate control units there is another filter G4 before the conditioned air is lead through a F5 filter in the over pressure ceiling inside the room. Thereby clean room class 100 000 and accordingly ISO 8 is achieved.

Climate in the room is documented with the help of two DKRF 400 and components of National Instruments. The control of the climate control units is effected with own sensors.

UV protective films furnish all glass faces. For illumination normal fluorescent lamps or UV-free lamps are available. Consequently UV-free work is possible in our climatised laboratory, for example with UV-reactive fluids.

Technical Specifications:

  • Floor space: 60 m²
  • Air circulation: 4500 m³/hVelocity of air in the room: 0,02 m/s
  • • Turnover of air in the room: ca. 25,5 1/h
  • Exhaust air: 600 m³/h
  • Maintained climate class: 0,5 nach DIN 50014
  • Clean room class: ISO 8 oder Klasse 100 000

2 climate control units in the room:

  • Air circulation 2 x 2250 m³/h
  • Steam generator performance 2 x 9 kg/h
  • Cooling performance 2 x 13 kW
  • Electrical heating 2 x 5 kW
  • Additional electrical heating 2 x 8 kW

Double floor:

  • Load category 5000 N; class of elements 5 in DIN EN 12825 (corresponds to a static point load of 500 kg on a surface of 25 x 25 mm with a minimal point distance of 600 mm).