Jonas Dietz, M.Sc.

Jonas Dietz M.Sc.


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Additive manufacturing is a widely researched field that is applied in particular to components made of single materials of great complexity. Recently, 3D printers that enable multi-material printing have become very popular. The additive manufacturing in the Fused Filament Fabrication from different materials make it possible to adapt the components to the loads. Thus, the surfaces can be manufactured with chemically resistant materials, the particularly stressed component geometry can be equipped with particularly load-bearing materials and for complex geometries, support materials can be printed from easily removable filament, in addition, costs can be saved by printing geometries that do not have special requirements with inexpensive materials.

The use of multi-material printers opens up new areas of research in the design and manufacture of components.

In addition, my research focuses on process monitoring and control of FFF printers in order to improve the print quality using process information and simulations. For this purpose I use computer vision and associated machine learning.