Philipp Wüst, M.Sc.

Philipp Wüst M.Sc.

Group Leader Industrial Printing


work +49 6151 16-23774


Additive manufacturing (3D printing) is in commercial application as a process for the production of prototypes, small batches or highly complex components, but there is still enormous potential for further improvement – both in the field of materials as well as in the manufacturing process. As a research assistant at the Institute of Printing Science and Technology, I am investigating the processing of biological materials such as spores, whose DNA can be used as biological counterfeit protection. In addition to additive manufacturing processes, conventional printing techniques are used as well. Furthermore, I am working on the production of 3D-printed micro and lattice structures. These feature a large surface area per volume and can be used, for example, as energy storage devices, catalysts or filters.

Students can carry out constructive, experimental and theoretical theses with me, with the topics being tailored individually.


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